Sr.No. Publications
1 1. Review Article on “HAEMOBILIA”:
GI Surgery Annuals 2003; 10: 34-39
Authors: Gupta Puneet, Nagral S, Doctor N, Marar S
2 2. Review Article on “Evolution and brief Overview of Endovisison instruments”:
EndoSurgery- Instruments and Equipmentations, 2006 Authors: Gupta Puneet, Bhartia VK

Indexed Journals:

Sr.No. Indexed Journals
1 Original Article on “Laparoscopic management of Common bile duct stones – our experience”, published in
Indian J Surg 2005; 67: 94-99.
Authors: Gupta Puneet, Bhartia VK
2 Case Report on “Incidental Spigelian Hernia – a case report”, published in
Indian J Surg 2006; 68(2) :102-103
Authors: Gupta Puneet, Bhartia VK
3 Original Article on “Hand Assisted Laparosocpic surgery- initial experience using Gelport”, published in
JMAS 2005; 1(3): 110-115
Authors: Gupta Puneet, Bhartia VK
4 Original Article on “Role of Preoperative Dexamethasone for prophylaxis of postoperative nausea and vomiting”, published in JMAS 2006 ; 2 : 12 -15.Authors: Gupta Puneet, Khanna J, Mitramustafi AK, Bhartia VK
5 Original Article on “Laparoscopic approach to benign oesophageal disorders”, published in Indian J Surg 2004; 66: 36-40. Authors: Balsara KP, Shah CR, Patel NH, Shah H, Jamaiwar B, Gupta Puneet
6 Original Article on “VATS -- Thoracoscopic Bullet retrieval” sent to Indian Journal of chest diseases and Allied Sciences Authors: Gupta Puneet, Mukherjee S, S Das, I Ghosh
7 Case Report: Bochadalek Hernia Presenting as Tension Pneumothorax Published in Journal of thoracic and vascular surgery Author: Sk Somani, Puneet Gupta
8 Case Report on “Bilio - pancreatic limb obstruction after LRYBP”, Sent to Journal of Minimally Invasive surgery Author: Tanomaya Panda, Gupta Puneet, Bhartia VK
9 Original Article: “Healing of a bleeding solitary rectal ulcer with multiple sessions of argon plasma” Published in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 2010: 71(3): 578-582 Author: Sk Somani, Arindam Ghosh, G Avasthi, R Goyal, Puneet Gupta